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Timing It Right: Resurfacing Content to Maximize Engagement


“You have to build up audience thinking over time. You have to look at how people are reacting to posts. You learn what people are into and what isn’t going to travel.”

—Caitlin Frazier, Social Media Editor, The Atlantic

Timing is everything.

In this fast-changing world, it’s harder than ever to capture—and keep—audiences’ attention. Audience interest is concentrated and unpredictable. Case in point: 57% of The Atlantic’s online traffic in a given month comes from articles not posted that month.

In our next Communications Network webinar, you will learn about “resurfacing” — the surprisingly simple distribution tactic that The Atlantic uses to match message to moment, maximizing audience engagement. Joining us will be Jason Tomassini from Atlantic 57, the consulting division of The Atlantic, who will share insights you and your team can immediately put to use.

You’ll learn:

  • Why resurfacing can be a valuable part of your editorial and distribution strategy
  • How social listening can help your organization enter ongoing conversations with audiences
  • How to keep a running list of content to resurface at the right moment

Watch the replay below.



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