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The New Brand Imperative


How does your organization’s brand help your organization achieve its goals?

Is it simply a fundraising tool, or a means of creating sustainable social change, serving your organization’s mission while aligning image and identity?

Elke Dochtermann, Chief Creative Officer at Fenton, and Hayley Berlent, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at The Additive Agency, join The Communications Network on to share learnings from working with—and building—some of the world’s most compelling nonprofit brands, provide an overview of a typical brand engagement, and answer questions on brand building.

Learn about emerging trends in nonprofit branding, how to embark on a game-changing brand development program and, ultimately, use brand as a lever for greater recognition, revenue and impact.

Key topics discussed include:

  • How to keep your message simple
  • How to make your story personal
  • How to inspire action across all audiences
  • How to show—not just tell—an impact story

Watch the replay below. For more resources, please visit and



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