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Open Data for the Social Sector


Open data is a phrase well known to technologists, but what does it or could it mean for the foundations and nonprofits that make up America’s social sector? 

Imagine you’re sitting on a wealth of research your organization funded on childhood obesity that could inform the current debate about selling junk food to kids. But, it’s locked away in a report, or even worse, your office’s file cabinet. If you could create open data from this research, experts around the world could identify patterns in the data, link it to other research, and perhaps even make profound policy recommendations to reshape public health as we know it.

This webinar, featuring Amy Ngai and Gabriela Schneider of the Sunlight Foundation, explores the definition and ramifications of open data with a focus on accessing public information on federal and state levels.

You’ll learn:

  • Open Data is empowering.
  • Sharing data publicly helps organizations make better-informed decisions and build on top of existing information.
  • Open Data fosters cooperation and opportunity and can prompt others to offer new approaches to problems you’re trying to solve.

Watch the replay below.

For additional resources on open data from the Sunlight Foundation, please visit Sunlight Foundation’s Open Data Guidelines and Open Data Map pages.



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