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Online Engagement: Build a Better Website With Brand Strategy


Available to nearly anyone, anywhere, anytime, your website is one of your organization’s most valuable representatives. A hub of communications and operations, it explains who you are, what you do, and why it matters to the wider world. It meets the needs of different audiences to help them engage with you. It provides access to information, resources, and tools. It offers opportunities to actively support your mission.

All without any direct human contact.

Understood this way, to thrive in the digital age, nonprofits and foundations must align how their websites are created with a clear brand strategy—one that that defines and articulates the types of experiences they want to create for audiences, and how these work together to advance their missions. This premise is at the center of social change design.

In this webinar, led by Matthew Schwartz, Founder & Executive Director of social impact design agency Constructive, you’ll learn what it takes to deliver a more engaging, mission-driven brand experiences online. We’ll explore strategies and practical techniques to integrate your organizational values into the digital design process—aligning your website’s structure, content, design, and features.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The foundation of an effective brand strategy framework
  • How social impact brands create and deliver brand value
  • How design translates brand value into tangible experiences
  • How to frame website discussions and decisions within a brand strategy
  • Workshop activities for designing brand experience


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