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Narrative + COVID-19 + Uprisings + The Future: The Role of Narrative in Building a More Just Society


This event has concluded.  Scroll down to find a full video replay.

We are living through a truly unique moment, navigating a time of deep loss from COVID-19 alongside the grief, anger, and tentative hope arising from the uprisings against racism taking place across the US and beyond.

The narratives we advance in this moment are critical: they help us make sense of where we have been, where we are, and where we are going together.

But what do people mean when they talk about narrative, as opposed to messaging and storytelling? Why is narrative important and how do we engage it in our collective work?

In this session, Márquez Rhyne (Narrative Initiative), Liz Hynes (Narrative Initiative), and Jacob Swenson-Lengyel (PA Stands Up) will lay out a basic definitional framework understanding of the difference between narrative strategy and messaging, then explain why the distinction matters.

They will also introduce tools for operationalizing narrative strategies that can be applied by organizations as well as within coalitions and networks.

We’ll cover:

  • A definitional framework for understanding what narrative is and how it differs from messaging
  • Models for integrating a narrative change approach into your messaging and communications work

Notes from the roundtable can be found here.



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