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Members Community Office Hours

You work in comms for good. And you have a question.

— OR —

You need some advice — a sense of how others are tackling a similar challenge.

— OR —

You’re looking for contact info for that person you met at that ComNetworkLOCAL gathering or at ComNet last fall…

That’s why we made The Communications Network Members Community. An online space where Network members can find one another other through our directory (by name, organization, location, area of expertise, and interest area), connect, share ideas and files, ask questions, build partnerships, and more through our online forum.

Now, we’re making it better.

Online communities thrive when there’s an actual human being tasked with making them thrive. Enter Stacy Cervantes, The Network’s new Assistant Director of Engagement, Learning & Community (that’s her in the GIF above).

As the Members Community moderator/facilitator, Stacy will be:

  • Making sure you help you get answers to your questions
  • Connecting you with colleagues
  • Posting useful resources and articles to foster discussion and debate
  • Troubleshooting any issues or challenges you might encounter

Need a refresher on how to use or navigate the Members Community?
Stacy will be holding “Office Hours” Wednesday, August 14th, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. ET, via Zoom


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