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WEBINAR: How to Write Email That Respects Your Reader’s Time


This event has ended

This year of remote work has put more pressure than ever on our email writing skills. It has also clogged our inboxes with even more email than before. The people you email are, in fact, overwhelmed and exhausted by your message and the hundred other vying for their attention.

In this webinar, you’ll learn email writing techniques that demonstrate how you—the writer—are willing to do a bit more work to make your emails easier to read. You’ll learn strategies for writing a better subject line to give your email a fighting chance for the reader’s attention. You’ll also learn how to present the most important info at the beginning of message. And you’ll get tips for writing emails that are easy to read on a mobile device.

We’ll cover:

  • Two reliable ways to structure your message so it gets read and acted upon
  • The right way to forward an email conversation
  • How to check your tone, so people respond to the content of your message and not what they perceive is your attitude



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