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Women sitting around a table talking about website redesign

WEBINAR: How to Kickstart Your Website Redesign


This webinar is for you if: You know you’re embarking on a redesign, you’re curious about the effectiveness of your current site, or you want to know whether or not sites still matter. Even if none of those describe you, tune in to learn if your site is doing what it’s intended to.

Your website is a digital storefront for the ideas and values your organization wants to promote. It’s critical that your site clearly, effectively, and compellingly conveys who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

On this Network webinar, we’ll be joined by Matthew Billingsley, founder of Visceral, a social impact web and creative design experience firm.

Whether you’re on the fence or know your organization is about to embark on building a new site, you’ll learn why websites still matter, what yours can and should help your organization achieve, and the processes that should guide your redesign.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Define the objectives of your redesign
  • Understand the outcomes you want to achieve
  • Prioritize the ideas and vision
  • Keep internal staff and partners focused
  • Ensure the site can grow with your organization



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