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How to Go from Thought Leader to Successful Author


How to turn your or your leader’s expertise into an impactful book and even bigger platform.

If you or your boss is an expert in your field – and want to be seen that way by others – there’s a good chance you have been told to write a book. And with good reason: The book has become the core currency of thought leadership and the surest foundation for building a solid platform that will raise your profile, expand your reach, and ultimately position you and your organization for bigger things.

But wanting a book and having one that’s worth putting your name on are two different stories. Indeed, what many aspiring authors are not told, and soon come to realize, is just how challenging it is to birth a quality book in today’s increasingly crowded and fast-changing thought leadership marketplace.

In particular: How do you find the time to write? Or if you don’t have the time or talent to write it yourself, how do you find a well-matched ghostwriter? How do you figure out whether to go with a traditional publisher or explore the growing universe of self- or custom-publishing options? And perhaps most importantly, once you have it written, how do you get the most bang for your book and leverage your product into worthwhile return on your investment?

To help make this challenge a little less daunting and more digestible, and demystify the insular publishing process, in this Communications Network webinar we partner with Gotham Ghostwriters President Dan Gerstein to offer a primer on the best practices for bringing a value-adding book to life.

As the leader of the country’s premier ghostwriting agency, Dan has helped broker more than 300 successful collaborations and advised scores of thought leaders on how to produce a rewarding book. Drawing on this extensive experience, he will provide a strategic roadmap for thought leaders on how to become successful authors.

Among the key takeaways you will get from this presentation:

  • WRITING: How to find, hire, and work with a ghostwriter
  • PUBLISHING: What factors to consider in choosing between traditional publishing and self-publishing
  • MARKETING: What concrete steps you can take to find an audience and maximize the impact for your book

Watch the replay below.



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