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Harnessing Pop Culture for Social Change


Chances are that the issues you, a social sector communicator, care about and work on appear frequently in pop culture.

When topics like disabilities, sexual and mental health, incarceration, reproductive rights, and education appear in film or on television, viewers are exposed to the nuances and complexities tied up in them, and gain a better appreciation of their real-world implications.

You can be tapped into these mainstream conversations, and should be prepared to join them. There’s no one-size-fits-all strategy, but learning from other organizations who excel at this work will help you contextualize your own comms efforts and elevate your organization’s messaging using pop culture.

In this webinar, we will partner with AndACTION, Color of Change, and Asian Americans Advancing Justice to learn why stories in film and television are relevant to the social sector, and hear real examples of social justice organizations using pop culture in their work.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important to monitor the pop culture conversations around the issues you care about, and how you can do that
  • How to join those conversations and use them as an opportunity to elevate and advance the issues you’re working on
  • Which platforms and strategies are most useful for communicators to connect the goals their organizations are working on to the broader pop culture narrative

Watch the replay below.



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