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Fearless Leadership for a Social World


People matter most!

We may say that, but is it really true at your organization? Many current and future leaders are locked inside their organizations, afraid to venture out into the world. The Internet and especially social media shout: Danger!

Avoiders and their organizations become irrelevant — they literally don’t matter anymore — and “age out” of their jobs and industries. Fear of losing control over every little detail prevents attention to details that do matter. How, then, can we use social media to connect and engage with our audiences and cultivate meaningful relationships, relationships that matter? Allison Fine, author of Matterness: Fearless Leadership for a Social World, joins The Communications Network for this webinar. We explore how organizations can utilize their social media channels to create cultures that promote engagement and empower their audiences to take action. Questions addressed include:

  • How can we become fearless in the digital age?
  • How can we learn to work with rather than at our constituents?
  • What does it take to keep the daily churn of internal processes from overwhelming us and our work?
  • How can we find out if people feel like they matter to us?

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