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WATCH: Everything You Want to Know About V & V+ — The Network’s 2020 Virtual Gathering


As you know, we’ll gather the field of communications for good in just over 5 weeks time. 726 of your colleagues working in communications for good at foundations and nonprofits all over the globe have already signed up for ComNetworkV and ComNetworkV+.

Since we’ll be virtual, we built a bigger boat for 2020 and we have room for more folks — but, we’re guessing from our inbox a number of you still are on the fence — or have good questions, like what the heck is V+ and is it right for me? Who’s presenting? What’s the difference between V and V+?

These were the sorts of questions we heard from our friend and colleague Simone Worsdale at Harvard’s Kennedy School, who recently asked if we might pull together a webinar/presentation to help her make up her mind and set her plan for the fall.

We heard you Simone.

That’s why we’ll gather this Thursday, August 6th at 12:30pm ET to take all of your questions about V/V+ and walk you through the schedules and lineups for both.

Join us to get read in our plans and help you set the path that’s right for you when the field gathers in 50 days and 19 hours (but who’s counting?)

We’ll cover:

  • A deep dive into our plans, programming and schedule for V and V+ (and what to expect from each) 
  • How you can make a choice that’s best for you: V or V+ ?
  • Your questions about V and V+



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