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WEBINAR: Don’t Get Played: How Communicators Can Defend Against Media Manipulation


Increasingly, the methods that we use to evaluate breaking news are being exploited by groups hoping to catalyze change and challenge the stability of society.

In our next Communications Network webinar, we’ll be joined by danah boyd, Founder and President of Data & Society Research Institute, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, and one of Forbes’ Top 50 Women in Tech.

boyd will provide an expert landscape overview of how people manipulate news and social media and how problematic information spreads online.

boyd’s insights are relevant to all those seeking to think big-picture about risk and protecting their online reputation. The session will draw on empirical research from Data & Society, an independent nonprofit research institute that advances public understanding of the social implications of data-centric technologies and automation.

If you are care about reputation, message, and authenticity, then it is crucial to update your understanding of how information can be manipulated online.

You’ll learn:

  • To better understand and contextualize big-picture themes in media manipulation
  • Better practices for identifying manipulation—before you get played
  • The basics of how metadata works on social media
  • What to think now about the future of audiovisual manipulation (or “deep fakes”)
  • How journalists and communications professionals can—and should—strengthen their defenses collectively

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