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COVID-19 Virtual Roundtable: Making Meaningful Connections Across Difference and Spaces


This event has concluded.  Scroll down to find a full video replay.

Three weeks into the dystopian realities of the COVID-19 pandemic (four weeks for some), there is still much to fear about the future.

What new gut-wrenching statistics about infection rates, fatalities, and unemployment will tomorrow bring? Could the rumors of extending social distancing—well beyond our initial expectations—be true?

At the heart of these critical questions is our collective fear of the unknown, and our collective discomfort with the vulnerability with which we are all faced. Yet, notable thought leaders continue to reassure us that not only is vulnerability important in times like these, vulnerability is necessary.

Spoiler alert—not only does vulnerability make us better humans, it helps communicators live values of inclusivity and cultural competence in concrete and authentic ways.

For this Network Virtual Roundtable, we’ll be joined by Dr. Georgette Ledgister on practices of vulnerability that acknowledge and respect our fears about the future, and infuse hope and meaning into our present. Bring two (2) 8.5×11 blank sheets of paper (or really anything you can fold), a pen, and your curiosity.

Dr. Ledgister serves as the Executive Director of Fearless Dialogues, an organization that specializes in creating unique spaces in which unlikely partners can gather to have hard and heartfelt dialogue about difficult subjects.

We’ll cover:

  • Demystifying what it means to be “vulnerable” and “human”
  • Practicing 3 steps to building community while leaning into the fullness of our humanity
  • How vulnerability serves as a springboard to community

Notes from the roundtable can be found here.


We’ve started a Coronavirus Crisis Comms Triage Kit — to share and crowdsource best practices, resources, and examples of effective crisis comms from foundations and nonprofits covering many of the tasks you’re likely attending to.



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