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Controversy: How to Communicate When the Topic Is Tough


As trust in government wanes, more and more individuals are looking to foundations and nonprofits to give them a voice and a path forward. How can we be more visible when it comes to topics we don’t typically address, particularly those that might be uncomfortable, controversial, or taboo?

Using case studies from bipartisan advocacy, sexual violence, and mental health, this webinar will outline the key strategies you can use to become confident about the right time and way to add your organization’s voice to sensitive, but important conversations outside of your typical comfort zone.

We’ll address:

  • What makes it hard for nonprofits and foundations to engage in uncomfortable topics?
  • Why might you want to engage in communications (internal or external) about a topic that is controversial or taboo?
  • How to craft and test a message that’s authentic to your work
  • Low-risk ways to approach uncomfortable topics

This webinar will be led by Sarah Beaulieu, strategic communications expert and Senior Advisor at Greenlight Fund, and an advocate and speaker on sexual violence.

Watch the replay below.



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