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ComNetworkV21 Replays

ComNet Annual Conference

This event has concluded.  

ComNetworkV21 was a great success! Thank you again for the gift of your time, and the generosity of your attention and care for one another — it was inspiring and moving to behold. We have assembled notes, videos, podcasts, and transcripts for you to use (and share!) so that the knowledge showcased in ComNetworkV21 can continue to have value going forward.

Below you will find links to Keynotes and Breakout Sessions.


Dr. john a. powell, Director, Othering & Belonging Institute, and Dr. Carmen Rojas, President & CEO, Marguerite Casey Foundation discuss the importance of building bridges and creating spaces of belonging through communications.

Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist and Chief Scientist, The Nature Conservancy discusses climate change as a threat multiplier and its disproportionate effect on the most vulnerable.

Bruna Sollod, Communications Director, and José Muñoz, Deputy Communications Director, from United We Dream, discuss their ‘Home is Here’ campaign as a case study, which led to immigrant youth’s victory at the Supreme Court on DACA.

Stefanie Lyn Kaufman-Mthimkhulu (she/they), Founding Director, Project LETS, presents on centering the accessibility and inclusion of your organization’s communications.

Breakout Sessions


Check out our ComNetworkV21 album on Flickr to see photos of you, your colleagues, our speakers, and more.


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