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ComNetworkSF: Storytelling for Good Workshop

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We know stories are powerful: Our brains are literally wired biologically to preserve stories, reward them with empathy, and often, make us take action.

But how do you tell stories well?

In today’s information ecosystem, there’s an ever-growing list of platforms and content strategies elbowing for space on an already-crowded stage. While there have never been more ways to reach an audience, it’s harder than ever to really get their attention.

Enter Storytelling for Good.

Storytelling for Good will help you and your organization plan and execute a storytelling strategy—giving you the tools, resources, and case studies you need to become a storytelling organization from top to bottom.

Storytelling for Good Workshop

In this 4-hour workshop, we aim to help those who work in communications understand the basics of storytelling and build storytelling capacity at their organizations.

This workshop will teach you how to use the tools, resources, case studies, and best practices available on Storytelling for Good to craft compelling stories that drive impact.

The workshop will be led by Hattaway Communications, the original architects of Storytelling for Good.


Introduction to Strategic Storytelling (1.5 hours)

Participants will learn the science of storytelling and see research that explains why it is the most effective way to motivate your audiences to take action. We will also introduce interactive lessons, including the Narrative Framework and the Social Impact Story Map.

Story Development (1.5 hours)
Through a combination of individual or group exercises, participants will use the tools available on Storytelling for Good to begin crafting their own stories. During this section, facilitators will guide attendees to develop a compelling story-outline. We will also spend time reporting out the stories and discussing key takeaways as a group.

Lunch (30 minutes)

Engagement (1 hour)
During the final section of the workshop, we will discuss practical ideas for using stories in external communication. This would include using stories during media outreach, on social media, and other mediums or channels that are important to your communications.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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