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ComNetworkSF: A Conversation with David Binder: Leading Pollster Reports on the Heartland

ComNetworkLOCAL Event

The James Irvine Foundation

David Binder is one of the country’s foremost pollsters and political observers.

He spent most of the 2016 election away from the coasts – instead doing intensive polling and focus groups in America’s heartland. On November 9, 2016 many Americans woke up just a bit surprised at the outcome of the election, to say the least. David wasn’t.

David will provide an overview of what he saw during his travels, including how conventional wisdom about a host of topics – like how the public perceives free education – is neither conventional nor wise. He will also offer some thoughts about how foundations can better assess voter attitudes on a number of issues that they fund.

Finally, David will pull out his crystal ball and offer some thoughts about a number of topics in advance of the midterm elections.

This session is designed to be highly interactive – David will provide some introductory comments, but we encourage people to come with lots of questions and ideas of their own.

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