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ComNetworkNY BYOB: Leveraging Partnerships

ComNetLOCAL Event

Done well, partnerships build assets and knowledge for all participants. From a communications perspective they can be transformational, enabling communicators to amplify messages, develop inclusive strategies, and enhance credibility. However, even well-planned partnerships can fall apart due to misunderstandings, poor communication and changing needs, among other reasons.

Our next program will focus on growing and leveraging successful partnerships. We will define different kinds of partnerships and discuss how to sustain them. Bring your stories, challenges, and questions to partner with us for a successful program.

You can help us get ready for the gatherings by using our new Slack channel to share topics you would like to discuss. Your input on Slack will make our conversations more valuable and engaging. If you are not a member of the ComNetworkNY Slack channel yet, please join us there:

For more information, visit the ComNetworkNY website


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