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ComNetworkDETROIT: Above the Fray: Communications in a Hyper-Partisan Era

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In an era of hyper-partisanship, how can communicators represent the work and values of our organizations without alienating the people we need to achieve our missions?

At our next monthly meetup, ComNetwork Detroit will host a panel featuring three leading professionals whose work involves using communications to appeal to shared values and create change. Each panelist will share experiences and insights related to their work before addressing questions from attendees.

– April Callen, senior strategist at the FrameWorks Institute
– Ann Mullen, communications director at ACLU of Michigan
– Amy Ferguson, senior communications manager at the Fetzer Institute

The social sector has a strong bias for neutrality and nonpartisanship. Many of our organizations carefully avoid political activity in order to maintain tax exempt status. Many others represent or depend on funding from a broad range of constituents with diverse ideologies. Most of us value inclusivity and open-mindedness, and we hope to avoid alienating anyone as a matter of principle.

Whatever our motivations, staying above the fray can feel especially challenging in the current social and political climate. Values that were once considered universal—liberty, freedom, justice, charity, equality, patriotism—are today aligned with specific ideologies and political parties. Global crises, social movements, and the upcoming presidential election have exposed the deep polarization within society and possibly our own constituencies.

Join ComNetwork Detroit for this timely panel discussion!

Please let us know in the Questions & Comments field if there are specific questions or topics that you’d like the panelists to address during the event.

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