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ComNetworkDENVER: Youth, Politics, & the Future of (Fake) News

ComNetLOCAL Event

University of Denver

Social sector communicators rely on the media to convey and amplify messages about our missions. How do we navigate this changing landscape? Join us to hear from Lynn Schofield Clark, professor and chair in the media, film and journalism studies department at the University of Denver, lead a discussion based on her new book Young People and the Future of News.

Young People and the Future of News finds that in a time of declining news industries, young people are informing one another through social media—for better or worse. The shift from trusted journalistic sources to social media as young people’s main source of news isn’t good news for the organizations of traditional journalism, the book acknowledges. But members of immigrant communities and communities of color have long felt unheard by and underrepresented within those organizations. The book also traces ways that young people in these communities are sharing the news that matters to them outside of formal news channels and away from public scrutiny.


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