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ComNetworkDC Virtual Gathering: Is your boss ready for their close up? On television, radio, or in print?

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Speaking to journalists does not come naturally to most people. But fortunately, there are tricks and tips that make the process less intimidating and—dare we say—fun. The tips are not only for your boss, but for the person (you!) who is tasked with preparing them for the interview.

At a free virtual workshop hosted by ComNetworkDC on March 31st, media trainer Tracey Madigan of 15 Minutes Group will share techniques and best practices for turning a media appearance into a great opportunity. Tracey, a former broadcast journalist, will share what reporters are looking for, how to create clear key messages, common pitfalls to avoid, and techniques to stay in control of an interview.

ComNetworkDC Leadership Team,

Ann Doyle, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Alex MacLennan, World Wildlife Fund

Jamie Perez, Center for American Progress

Jill Schwartz, American Forests

Lyda Vanegas, Mary’s Center

Jessica Zetzman, The Case Foundation



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