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ComNetworkDC: Internal Communications in Tumultuous Times

ComNetLOCAL Event

As the world continues on its topsy-turvy path with so many concerns and unknowns, the success of our organizations’ social good efforts can feel desperately far away. We, the staff and communicators of these organizations, can feel exhausted and at the end of our rope. But the good work must continue. So, how does a social good organization keep its workforce looking forward? How does an organization meet a changing workforce’s evolving demands? How do we work together now and in the future, and how can internal communications be the glue that holds it all together?

In this virtual session, internal communications leaders will share their effective—and sometimes not quite as effective—efforts to communicate with staff about hybrid work; changing social responsibility and diversity, equity, and inclusion expectations; staff burnout, and more.

And as you prepare for ComNet22 in Seattle, check out the two activities below we’re planning:

Join us as we walk over to the Opening Night reception (scavenger hunt optional)
Wednesday, October 12, 5:30pm
Registration not required
Location: Details to follow

Catch up with other DMV locals at breakfast
Friday, October 14, 8-9am
Registration not required
Location: Conference breakfast location – there will be signs for the DC table

For more information, visit the ComNetworkDC website


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