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ComNetworkDC: Communicating Around the Election

ComNetLOCAL Event

As national politics dominate the headlines, foundations and nonprofits are grappling with how the uncertainty around the 2020 election could affect their communications. After the “get out the vote” messages subside, what do we put on social media or in our newsletters if election results are not straight forward? Will our principals face tough questions if we schedule them for speaking engagements in November? Will our audiences still care about our cause with all of the election noise?

Join the ComNetworkDC LOCAL group to hear from researcher and advisor Derrick Feldmann and editorial strategist for Atlantic 57 Uzra Khan on this important topic. Derrick will share his recent research “Influencing Young Americans to Act”, which studies how young Americans (18-30 year olds) are engaging with causes and social issues during the presidential election. Uzra will give concrete advice and examples of how your organization can create a strategy and craft messages that will resonate and rise above the noise.

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