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Be a Good Talker: Making the Most of Media Appearances


Whether it’s a TV, radio, or print interview, a panel discussion, a book launch, or more: If a media request for an interview landed in your inbox today, would you be ready? Would your ED or CEO?

15 Minutes Group is a media training organization that teaches people how to clearly, concisely, and effectively communicate their message across any medium. Having prepared and produced hundreds of guests for media appearances, they know what it takes to create a commanding presence in any discussion, distill your message into digestible and engaging headlines and sound bites, and make the most of your media appearances.

In this Communications Network webinar, we partner with Anne Dickerson and Tracey Madigan of 15 Minutes Group to teach you:

  • What reporters really want out of an interview
  • How to anticipate likely questions
  • How to craft and stick to clear key messages
  • Techniques to stay in control of an interview
  • Body language and vocal techniques to prove confidence

Watch the replay below.



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