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    We Asked. They Answered:
    Do Annual Reports Still Matter?

    This week the Communications Network held a webinar that had been previously billed as a “no-holds” barred conversation about the value of annual reports to foundation communications. It definitely was a full-throated conversation, with a mix of views — both pro and con — and a variety of examples of different ways various foundations are continuing to produce annual reports. Some the same. Some in modified form. And some not at all. 

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    Ideal Source for Research On Software for Your Organization

    If you are looking for help in sorting through the myriad options available to foundations and  nonprofits about which is the best software to use – from web content management systems to new, and fast-arriving social media tools – Idealware is an excellent source.  A nonprofit, Idealware’s mission is to help organizations choose the most effective software.  The organization provides scrupulously researched reports and articles on critical topics:  social media, online communications, collaboration software and more.  At Idealware’s website you can access tens of thousands of dollars worth of research, for free.

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    You Came to LA, Took Part and Had Your Say — Now Onward to Boston for 2011

    It seems like only yesterday we were gathering in Los Angeles for the Communications Network’s 2010 Annual Conference.

    But that was then and this is now, and our sights are set on Boston for our 2011 conference, which will be held Sept. 21-23.

    Before the memories fade, we thought you’d like to know what people thought of our LA event — what they liked, who were the best speakers, which breakout sessions were the most engaging, what could have been done better, and most important of all, what to do next time to ensure we meet, and hopefully exceed, our last conference’s positive ratings. 

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    Why We Fight (Against Jargon)

    We’re all familiar with the expression “fighting words,” but even I wasn’t prepared for the intensity of the verbal exchange that occurred when Communications Network contributor Susan Herr, and producer of our ongoing series of video chats, sat down to talk with our much-loved anti-jargon campaigner, Tony Proscio.

    Admittedly it was a smart interview technique, and her tongue appears early on in the video to be planted somewhat firmly against her cheek. But if you’re not listening carefully, or you get momentarily distracted when she says it, you might miss the disclaimer that this was done all in good fun.

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    What An Eyeful

    Over the past 2 years, the Communications Network has been sitting down with members, non-members, communications experts, thinkers, and others, and asking — with the video camera running — to expound on topics that we believe are of great interest/importance to people who hold communications jobs in philanthropy.

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