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    WEBINAR: How to Be Good at Medium

    Medium has come to represent the best of new communications technology. It’s not just an online publishing tool — it’s a network of ideas, a place to engage in discussion. President Obama uses it regularly. Bono used it to lay out a plan for Africa, and Melinda Gates responded. The Heritage Foundation used it to publish their annual report.

    Medium is an ideas exchange, where thinkers, creators, and storytellers come to find their audience, move ideas, and move people. It allows your audience to respond, react, and build on your ideas. Increasingly, it’s a platform for influential people and organizations to publish, converse, and engage.

    Put shortly, publishing on Medium gets your message read, discussed, and spread. The best part? Anybody can be good at it.

    Join us on Tuesday, December 15 at 2 PM ET as we’re joined by Medium’s own Gabe Kleinman, who will interactively walk you through what it takes to be good at Medium.

    You’ll learn:

    • The basics of publishing
    • How to create engaging and successful posts
    • Tips on experimenting with different types of content

    WHEN: Tuesday, December 15 at 2 PM ET

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    A Communicator in the Room: In Conversation PJ Crowley


    • Although the imperative to communicate exists for many organizations, a culture of communication can be lacking. To improve, find the balance between the need and the desire to communicate.
    • Communicators always deserve a seat at the table when big decisions are made. To prevent problems from becoming crises, a communicator should be present in day-to-day decisions, so that they have the background information necessary to mitigate a crisis.
    • Trust that your organization has a receptive audience, and use communication tools to further your mission.

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    Know Your Frame


    • Changing public opinion can be a long, uphill climb. 
    • The first step to securing a policy victory is identifying the one point you want to change the public’s mind on. Then, ask yourself if changing opinion on that point will make it easier to enact a policy change.
    • Embrace your cause and don’t be afraid to address it directly — the public will respond to authentic campaigns.

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    Hatch: Harnessing the Power of Narrative and Networks


    • A storytelling strategy answers key questions: What’s the goal? Who can help achieve the goal? What ideas will motivate them to take action?
    • Storytelling is powerful communication—that is, if the content is compelling enough to capture people’s attention and imagination.
    • Hatch is a new platform for digital storytelling designed to help social impact organizations use the power of narrative and networks to increase their reach and resources.

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    10 Things You Ought to Know About Polls


    • Polls are a snapshot of the way people feel at that particular moment. Things can change. They often do.
    • Polls that regularly release their findings to the public — with information about survey procedures and question wordings — are usually pretty good.
    • Always look at the way poll questions are worded. That can make a huge difference.
    • The best way to look at polls is to look at several of them taken at about the same time asking similar questions.

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