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  • PJ

    PJ Crowley’s Advice: Use Social Media to Set Your Own Agenda


    • Use social media to set your own agenda. If your organization has difficulty setting a narrative, turn to social media to get drive engagement on the issues you and your audience care about.
    • To move big ideas, present them in ways that your audience can connect with, appreciate, and ultimately support. How does your idea impact someone? Answering that question will help turn an idea into a narrative.
    • Building a constituency is impossible without communication. To maximize the reach of an idea, use the tools that are readily available at your organization to garner support and broaden impact. The barriers to entry to the communications space are smaller than ever.

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  • Relationships Matter: Put Down the iPad and Pick Up the Phone


    tele _2g-512 KEY TAKEAWAYS

    • Relationships are at the heart of communications. They’re essential.
    • The quality of digital communication has been proven to be lower than that of in-person communication.
    • Building relationships through personal interaction is more likely to help you convey your message and achieve a desired outcome.

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  • Nyhan TN

    You Can Fight Falsehoods

    More and more these days, debates and discussions about important social issues get hijacked or derailed by misinformation that people too readily accept as truth. For example, who can forget the “death panel” myth propagated by opponents of the Affordable Care Act?  Or in the absence of any evidence linking autism to vaccines, why do some parents refuse to immunize their children?

    In our latest SmartCast, we talk with Brendan Nyhan, Assistant Professor of Government at Dartmouth University, who has been studying the phenomenon of false beliefs since 2000, as well as the challenges in debunking misinformation and myths once they begin to take hold.

    The big question we put to Nyhan: can anything be done to combat the spread of erroneous information?

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  • Info TN

    Making Infographics Work For You (VIDEO)

    Infographics took over the Internet in 2013. Indeed, they are a great way to crystallize the findings from a lengthy report into a single clear visual with just the top highlights of data, comparisons, etc. But, too often organizations spend money hiring designers to do infographics that are too complex, get lost in the data, miss the forest for the trees, or because of other misguided approaches, lower trust in infographics across the board.

    During a recent Communications Network webinar, Resource Media’s Liz Banse and Nicole Lampe shared seven best practices around the use of infographics, They also presented two case studies of successful infographic releases.

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  • Dialogue

    Changing the Dialogue on Your Issue: Data Makes It Doable (Video)

    Grantees and advocates often say that the public dialogue about their issue hampers their ability to advance social change. In a recent Communications Network webinar, we explored analytical tools you can use to map the current dialogue about your issue, engage policymakers and influentials to change the dialogue, and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.

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