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    What Happens In LA Shouldn’t Stay In LA!

    About a week from now, we’ll be wrapping up the 2010 Fall Communications Network conference and asking, How did we do?  But even before the formal evaluations are in, there’s a lot that already makes this event a success.

    First, the numbers…

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    Making Sure You Don’t “Go It Alone”

    Guest Post, Larry “Bud” Meyer

    I still remember the first days of my new communications job for Knight Foundation, way, way, way back in 1995. I knew I was outside the comfort zone of the newspaper I’d left. The foundation had its own codes and inside-baseball lingo. It had a power dynamic I scarcely grasped. We were doing publications quite different than any I’d done before, for far different audiences.

    That was before the Web changed everything, forever. And one of my first charges was to get the foundation up and online. My reaction (the cleaned-up-family version): Yikes!

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    Paragon Lost

    Guest Post, Tony Proscio

    Last night, we learned that the monumental reporter-commentator-raconteur Edwin Newman has died in England, at age 91, of pneumonia. He was my first hero. In his writing, speech, and demeanor, he was a near-perfect mixture of playfulness and precision, erudition and self-mockery. His two books on language, Strictly Speaking and A Civil Tongue, published in 1974 and 1976, respectively, were my inspiration for what became a lifelong campaign against pompous and sloppy writing. But those splendid books (which still make me laugh out loud) were to my later work what Ovid was to my efforts at high school Latin.

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    When Photos Do What Words Alone Can’t

    Guest Post: Michael Hamill Remaley

    Several prominent foundations, to their great credit, are doing a good job of fostering public dialogue on how to support community journalism and international reporting. But a related concern — the uncertain future of independent documentary photography – has largely gone unnoticed.  That is what makes it so ironic to learn that some documentary photographers are coming to the aid of foundations and nonprofits by letting them tap into their unique skills as well as use their images to help highlight social issues too important to ignore.

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    Communications Assessment Made Easy

    In an earlier post, I singled out The Foundation Review (TFR) as a then new publication worth taking a closer look at, notably because the editors recognize the importance of communications to foundation effectiveness.

    It was especially gratifying to see that last February’s fourth issue, which marked the end of the Review’s first year, was devoted exclusively to an exploration of the strategic use of communications within and among foundations.

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