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    We Asked. They Answered:
    Do Annual Reports Still Matter?

    This week the Communications Network held a webinar that had been previously billed as a “no-holds” barred conversation about the value of annual reports to foundation communications. It definitely was a full-throated conversation, with a mix of views — both pro and con — and a variety of examples of different ways various foundations are continuing to produce annual reports. Some the same. Some in modified form. And some not at all. 

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    Who Wants to Be a Public Interest Communicator? Now What?

    How do people become public interest communicators, perhaps working in that role for a foundation or nonprofit involved in promoting social change and betterment?  How do they learn the skills needed to move policies in support of affordable housing, quality education, accessible health care, environmental protection, violence reduction, and generally better lives for people in this country and around the world?

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    Don’t Be A Stranger. Tell Us About Yourself.

    A Quick Word With.. is our ongoing series that lets individual Communications Network members tell us about themselves. Who would you like to see featured in future installments?

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    Ideal Source for Research On Software for Your Organization

    If you are looking for help in sorting through the myriad options available to foundations and  nonprofits about which is the best software to use – from web content management systems to new, and fast-arriving social media tools – Idealware is an excellent source.  A nonprofit, Idealware’s mission is to help organizations choose the most effective software.  The organization provides scrupulously researched reports and articles on critical topics:  social media, online communications, collaboration software and more.  At Idealware’s website you can access tens of thousands of dollars worth of research, for free.

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    Making Your Data Count

    Anyone who has struggled to create charts, graphs or maps to depict quantitative data knows it can take a combination of art and science to do it simply and successfully. But thanks to easy-to-use software packages, creating data graphics is easier now than it ever was, and it doesn’t take fancy tools or highly specialized skills. You don’t even need a big budget. Free and low-cost software tools can help create graphic representations of your data both on the Web and offline.

    This 30-page guide from Idealware examines different ways you can turn your data into helpful and accessible charts, graphs, and maps and other graphic formats, and then compares eight low-cost tools that can help you create them.

    Download the guide.