• Chip TN

    If You Don’t Know, Test

    Do you know which email subject lines work best?  How about what will make the home page of your website more likely to get your target audiences to engage?

    In the latest in our Zero to Ninety series, Chip Giller (@cgiller) founder of the environmental news and commentary website, Grist, says the only way to answer those questions is to test.

    The reason: “People don’t always do what we think they’re going to do.” That’s why, he adds, “testing is crucial in every business, including communications.”

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  • YT TN

    How To Grow and Activate Your Audience On YouTube

    Guest Post: Brett Davidson

    Online video is becoming increasingly important as a communications medium, and video is predicted to make up the vast majority of internet traffic in the next few years. Many foundations fund advocacy videos produced by their grantees, or produce videos themselves — but all too often good and even powerful videos languish on YouTube and other platforms, with only a handful of views. And even if decent numbers of people do watch the video, not enough of them go on to take action or get involved.

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  • Info TN

    Making Infographics Work For You (VIDEO)

    Infographics took over the Internet in 2013. Indeed, they are a great way to crystallize the findings from a lengthy report into a single clear visual with just the top highlights of data, comparisons, etc. But, too often organizations spend money hiring designers to do infographics that are too complex, get lost in the data, miss the forest for the trees, or because of other misguided approaches, lower trust in infographics across the board.

    During a recent Communications Network webinar, Resource Media’s Liz Banse and Nicole Lampe shared seven best practices around the use of infographics, They also presented two case studies of successful infographic releases.

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  • Wordfrequencytn

    Fighting Words Versus Winning Words

    During a recent Communications Network webinar, we heard that by changing the words used to characterize the subject of a public debate you can increase the chances of winning support for your issues and causes. In an op-ed last week, one of our webinar presenters, Doug Hattaway, president of Hattaway Communications, and his colleague, Steve Pierce, offered another — and very timely example — of how the right words can help you win important debates. A modified version of the Politico post is reprinted below with permission.

    Guest Post: Doug Hattaway and Steve Pierce

    We’ve probably become numb from all the words written and spoken over the course of recent Congressional debates about raising the nation’s debt ceiling. But after taking the nation to the brink of default twice, Republicans last week quietly went along with Democrats to approve a drama-free debt-limit increase.

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  • Joyce SoodTN

    Measuring the Impact of Social Media: What Happens Offline?

    Guest Post: Joyce C. Sood

    As we examine the online impact of our social media activities, a question that often comes to mind is: Can we reliably measure whether people’s online engagement influences their actions and behavior offline?

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