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    WEBINAR: What Makes Your Audience Tick?

    Effective communication begins with understanding your audience. But the term “audience” can be misleading when it suggests a monolithic group of people who see things the same way — that’s rarely the case. Most audiences are comprised of people with diverse attitudes, interests, and motivations.

    Communication can’t be one-size-fits-all.

    Motivational Profiles can help you create strategies and content tailored to appeal to people according to their hopes and values, personality types, communication styles, and other attributes.

    In this webinar, the team at Hattaway Communications will share three examples of audience profiles used by foundations and nonprofits to understand and engage different audiences in meaningful ways:

    • Millennial Profiles, designed to motivate young people with different motivations and personality types to take action to promote gender equality
    • Decisionmaker Profiles, segmenting an audience based on different mindsets about taking action to advance diversity in philanthropy
    • Grantee and Influencer Profiles, used by a foundation to design programs and communications strategies based on an in-depth understanding of grantees’ theories of change

    DATE: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
    TIME: 2-3 PM EDT

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    WEBINAR — Lessons from The Atlantic: Bridging the Curiosity Gap

    The Atlantic has been a long-admired and influential magazine, but with the advent of the internet and the arrival of social media, it has had to adapt. In doing so, it has thrived, and its website has become one of the most-visited sites on the web.

    Lessons from The Atlantic: Closing the Curiosity Gap is a Communications Network members-only webinar that will explore the data-based lessons learned by The Atlantic’s team, and their application to nonprofit communications professionals.

    The Atlantic learned that much of its online traffic was coming through the “side door.” that is, prompted by email or social media. In order to maximize a reader’s interest and prompt them to click on a link in an email or a tweet, they have mastered the art of “bridging the curiosity gap,” or turning interest into clicks — a skill everyone can use.

    This webinar will teach you how The Atlantic and its sister brands craft headlines that attract reader attention, without falling into the pitfalls of disappointing “click-bait.”

    DATE: Wednesday, February 11, 2015
    TIME: 2pm-3pm EST

    With today’s content traveling so prominently on social media and email, a robust headline strategy is critical to building curiosity and cultivating reader interest, whether you’re a magazine publisher or a social sector leader.

  • WEBINAR REPLAY: Big Ideas for Short Videos

    Foundations and their grantees are increasingly producing effective multimedia as audiences have become more sophisticated. And often, they are producing highly entertaining or emotionally impactful videos for relatively little money. For foundations and nonprofits, the question is no longer “Should we be producing multimedia?” but “How do we?” Human Rights Watch and the Ford Foundation, winners of Webby Awards and a Peabody Award, share tips including how to bring big ideas to short videos, how to tailor your message to diverse audiences, and why you shouldn’t work with creatives who only work with foundations.

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    WEBINAR: The PDF Is the Enemy (Replay)


    • PDFs present challenges like the inability to select text, formatting limitations, and the inability to export charts and tables.
    • To make PDFs more usable, provide download links to data, incorporate data portals, and create HTML/CSS tables that link back to original data.
    • Look to peers in the field to see examples of best practices and models for releasing data in a shareable way.

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    In Case You Missed It: The PDF Is the Enemy WEBINAR

    If you were unable to attend the second installment of our Open Data for the Social Sector series, The PDF Is the Enemy (But It Doesn’t Have to Be), hosted by The Communications Network in partnership with Foundation Center and Sunlight Foundation, a replay of the webinar is forthcoming. Please check back on December 12, 2014.

    In the meantime, you can view the slides from the presentation below.



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