• Dialogue

    Changing the Dialogue on Your Issue: Data Makes It Doable (Video)

    Grantees and advocates often say that the public dialogue about their issue hampers their ability to advance social change. In a recent Communications Network webinar, we explored analytical tools you can use to map the current dialogue about your issue, engage policymakers and influentials to change the dialogue, and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.

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  • Float Tn

    Sink or Swim: Part 2, Learning to Float (Video)

    In this replay of a recent–and lively–Communications Network webinar, Sink or Swim: Part 2, communications gurus Minna Jung, Communications Director at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and Kristen Grimm, Founder and President of Spitfire Strategies demystify what it’s like to be a nonprofit or foundation communicator.

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  • Scaling New Heights

    Seeking: A Leader of Leaders

    Happy New Year, everyone! The Communications Network Board has been in full gear over the holidays and is kicking off 2014 with the important work of finding our next Executive Director.

    While Bruce Trachtenberg stays on part-time as an advisor, we are now searching in earnest for his replacement.  The job description can be found here.  We know that many of you out there are creative, visionary people who also work damn hard at your jobs, every single day.  We want someone like that to be our next Executive Director.  Someone who can build on Bruce’s  leadership and accomplishments, who will respect the history and growth of the Network over the years, and who will have the foresight and know-how to take the Network forward into an exciting new future.

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  • All Whole FI

    It’s All Part of a Whole

    Guest Post: Gretchen Dykstra

    Those who toil in the fields of communications know we often graze in the back pastures, far from the main barn, whistled for at the end of day. But we know that every organization and every program needs communications from morning till night. Communications are not just a press release at the end of an initiative. Identifying and reaching appropriate audiences—over and over again– is essential whether you work in direct service, public policy, education, advocacy, the arts or even tropical disease research.

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  • Screen Shot 2013 12 25 At 7.40.31 AM

    Summing Up

    Bruce Trachtenberg stepped down as executive director of the Communications Network on December 31. For the next few months, as the Network searches for his successor, he will serve as an advisor, assisting the board on ongoing programs and activities. In this interview, conducted by regular contributor Paul VanDeCarr, Bruce shares some thoughts about his seven and a half years at the Network.

    What is one aspect of your personal life that has the greatest impact on your professional life, including your time at the Network?

    My Dad, who died last April, was a master storyteller. He taught me to love great stories and to want to tell stories too—though I’ll never be able to tell stories, especially the funny ones—as well as he did. Instead, I just tell the stories he told me over and over again. Here’s one he loved to tell about himself:

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