• Nolan Haims TN

    Slidedocs: A New Perspective on Printed Communications

    Guest Post: Nolan Haims

    One of the most important communication books of the last number of years was quietly released in February. It is so far flying rather under the radar, but it has significant and immediate implications nonprofits and foundations.

    The book is a tactical one on how to use a piece of software, but it directly addresses a challenge that organizations face on a daily basis: how to effectively and properly create written material for stakeholders using everyone’s default tool: PowerPoint.

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  • Unsurvey TN2

    Ford Foundation Seeks Questions, Not Answers

    Ever wanted to know something about the Ford Foundation but didn’t know who to ask? Well, here’s your chance. Go here and complete the foundation’s Un-Survey.

    The Un-Survey — “instead of us asking you questions, we want you to ask us” — invites people to ask anything at all about the foundation. All questions are fair game: How grant decisions are made?…What does success looks like for the foundation overall or by program?…What are the foundation’s employment policies? 

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  • Hoffman 2

    SmartCast: When Worldviews Collide

    As communicators, we often think that the more facts we have to use the more persuasive our messages. Yet, even when our messages are bolstered with solid scientific evidence, some people will reject them because they conflict with their personal beliefs and cultural affiliations.

    Faced with those facts, what’s a communicator to do?

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  • Sean2

    Our Next Chapter, Our Next Leader

    We are pleased to announce that Sean Gibbons will be the new Executive Director of the Communications Network, starting on June 3.   Please stay tuned for a future blog post from Sean introducing himself to the Network, but for the moment, let us do the honors.  You can read the official announcement here.

    Sean comes to us from Third Way, a think tank in DC focused on advancing moderate policies and ideas, where he served as Director of Communications, Vice President of Communications, and most recently, Special Advisor and Senior Fellow.  Before his stint at Third Way, Sean was the Director of Media Strategy for the Center for American Progress, which followed his distinguished producing career in broadcast news with organizations like CNN and ABC News.  

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  • Lorastaffphoto2011TN

    More Communications Support Needed For Messengers of Change

    (A version of this post appears on the Philanthropy 411 blog.)

    Guest Post: Lora Smith

    At its very core, policy advocacy is an exercise in strategic communications. To succeed at influencing policy, advocacy organizations need to be able to persuade decision makers why change is in the public’s best interest.

    Yet, as a new report from the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation shows, many nonprofit advocacy organizations lack sufficient communications capacity to create and deliver messages that are key to successfully influencing policy changes.

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