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    Perspective From DownUnder

    A special Philanthropy411 blogging team  is currently covering the Communications Network Fall 2013 Annual Conference conference in New OrleansThis is a guest post by Avalee Weir, Communications Manager at The Ian Potter Foundation.  Follow along on Twitter – @AvWeir and @IanPotterFdn.

    As an Aussie attending her first international philanthropy communications conference, I arrived in New Orleans with a few extra baggage items:

    • A truckload of baseball caps, Gap kids gear, Nike shoes and other assorted ‘cheaper in America’ items picked up during my stopover in Los Angeles.
    • Jet lag (and the need to keep on top of my job back home at night while you were all asleep).
    • High expectations and hopes that the long journey to get here would be worth it.
    • A little trepidation that the communications work we have been doing in the much smaller Australian philanthropic sector would seem a bit second rate.

    Extra baggage can really weigh you down!

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    The Spaces We Pine For Honest Perspectives

    A special Philanthropy411 blogging team  is currently covering the Communications Network Fall 2013 Annual Conference conference in New Orleans. This is a guest post by  Erin M. Kelly, MA, Social Media Manager at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  Follow Erin on Twitter – @erinmkelly.

    I may be the only Communications Network member in New Orleans who has not seen an episode of “Treme” or “The Wire.” Sorry about that. You probably don’t want to learn what original HBO series I do watch, but what stood out about the first plenary speaker at the 2013 Communications Network Conference was how similar his family night dinners seemed to my own growing up.

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  • Changes At The Communications Network

    Message from: Rebecca Arno, chair emeritus, and Minna Jung, chair, Communications Network Board of Directors

    Last year, the Network announced at the end of our Fall Conference in Seattle that we were expanding.  Specifically, we said we wanted to take a run at being the place where smart communications ideas for great causes come to roost and then take off, and we wanted to find those ideas not just among foundation communications people (even though we still love ‘em), but also among the great nonprofit organizations many of us have worked with.

    This announcement made some people grouchy.  Let’s face it:  change is hard.  But then the year unfurled, and nothing bad happened.  In fact, it was kinda…great.  We recruited new members.  We had a banner year when it came to webinar and conference registrations.  We got a crazy number of crazy-good ideas for the 2013 Fall Conference.

    Thanks to Bruce Trachtenberg, the Communications Network’s executive director…we have more change to announce.

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    Put Yourself In A Sex Worker’s Shoes

    Post by: Paul VanDeCarr

    Your name is Naomi, you live in Cape Town, South Africa. Now age 35, you’ve been a sex worker for 6 years, ever since your husband left you with a young daughter to raise and all the bills to pay. You project a strong image, but you worry a lot about violent clients, dishonest cops and your health. You need to make $25 to pay for your daughter’s school fees. So you go out on the streets. But you face some tough choices between protecting your health and avoiding trouble with the police.

    You can play out this scenario in “Cops and Rubbers,” a table-top game funded by the Sexual Health and Rights Project (SHARP) at Open Society Foundations (OSF), and now available for free download. The goal is to put players in the shoes of sex workers in the many cities and countries worldwide—including OSF’s home base of New York City—where just having a condom is evidence enough of sex work to get you arrested or extorted by the police.

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    Meet the Fall 2013 Conference Blog Team

    The Communications Network and Philanthropy411 have recruited a stellar team of bloggers for the Communications Network Fall 2013 Annual Conference. The group of bloggers will be posting from New Orleans starting with the pre-conference sessions on Wednesday, Oct. 2 and through the close of the conference on Friday, Oct. 4.

    Follow along with the conference hashtag: #comnetwork13 and follow @Com_Network and @Philanthropy411 for tweets about the conference and blog posts.

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