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    Kiss Your ‘s’ Goodbye

    Guest Post: Tony Proscio

    In a recent Communications Network webinar, Sink or Swim? Jumping into the Pool of Foundation Communications, two of the Network’s most expert members fielded a question that was evidently troubling some people’s sleep:

    When we’re discussing our field, are we talking about strategic ‘communication’ or ‘communications’–singular or plural?

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    Revisiting an Audacious Idea

    The look and design of the Audacious Ideas blog of the Open Society Institute-Baltimore really lives up to its name. Bright orange and green elements contrast brightly with plenty of white space and a clean typography, creating a lively and wide-awake interface. The logo is a profile of a person who has a bright orange splash of an “idea” right inside her head, and a visitor to the blog is immediately inspired to think.

    The posts are diverse in content, written by many different authors, and almost all of them lead with a story.  Sara entered the country with a green card when she was ten years old, says one post, inviting you in to learn more about young Sara’s experience with immigration. Danny is a skateboarder reads another post, and this is what skateboarding means to him: “Ever since I started skateboarding around the age of 7, I’ve seen the world in an entirely different light leads to an article about an innovative outreach program called “Skateboarding for Success.” 

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  • Lrsmall

    New Risks, New Rewards

    As the Director of the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Public Life Project, Lee Rainie routinely stays on top of how the internet is affecting the lives of Americans. Recently, Rainie shared his thoughts with the Communications Network about how the changes being wrought by the internet on society are also causing foundations to rethink and retool how they communicate with external audiences.

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  • Bizintelligence Pix

    Business Intelligence Shouldn’t be Just for Businesses

    Guest Post:  Mitch Hurst and Suzana Grego

    Online communications has never been more ubiquitous or fundamental to every aspect of our lives. The richer and more voluminous data that’s come from an ever-growing number of online channels/networks and the crowdsourcing revolution that it has spawned has completely changed the way we work, play, and live.

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  • Corriefpix2

    Tapping Creative Community To Help Change Conversation About Foreign Aid

    I once remember asking an art director for an advertising agency whose firm produced a winning poster in competition designed to deter teens from driving after drinking what motivated him to enter.

    His response, “No one ever asks us to use our creative skills for something like that. Especially not something that’s all about saving lives.”

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is hoping to similarly tap both the heads and hearts of the creative community to help change the narrative on foreign aid.” As part of a special “Grand Challenges” competition, the foundation plans to fund up to 10 “game-changing ideas” that creatively use communications to “motivate the public in the wealthy countries of the world to change their minds about aid, and take actions to demonstrate their support.”

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