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    Webinar Replay: The Courtroom Campaign (Video)

    When led with a robust communications campaign, “impact litigation” can be an effective tool to address imbalances of power and influence public opinion.

    During a recent Communications Network webinar, Adam Umhoefer and Felix Schein, two prinicipals involved in the fight to overturn California’s Proposition 8, discussed the role a fully integrated communications campaign played in changing the public conversation about marriage equality. They also described how the public campaign helped lead to last June’s historic Supreme Court ruling granting all couples the right to marry.

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    Want to Gather More and Better Stories? (VIDEO)

    Post by: Paul VanDeCarr

    How and why can communications staffers use storytelling to advance their foundations’ and nonprofits’ goals? That was the basic question explored during a recent Communications Network webinar: “The Past and Future of Storytelling and Social Change.” 

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    Are You Crisis-Ready? (VIDEO)

    In a perfect world we wouldn’t have to plan for crises. However, as we all know too well, most crises—such as financial mismanagement, executive misconduct, sexual discrimination or government investigations—strike without warning. The difference between heading off disaster or watching your organization drown in bad media and messaging is having a solid crisis communication plan that is ready to go in a moment’s notice.

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    Smart Tech for Smart Communicators (VIDEO)

    Many of us find it difficult — even intimidating — to keep up with all the fast-changing digital tools available to do our jobs. It often seems that new ones pop up every day. With many of them available for free, the choices can be overwhelming.

    Fortunately, there are organizations out there like the Sunlight Foundation who make it their business to stay on the bleeding edge of web/mobile tools that help them do their work better. That’s why we recently invited Liz Bartolomeo, the foundation’s media director, to have a conversation online with our regular webinar host, Andy Goodman, about the best tools for outreach, engagement, productivity and research.

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    Avoiding the Blind Spot: Telling Your Story with Pictures (VIDEO)

    You’ve probably heard countless times that a picture is worth a thousand words. But how often have you actually heeded that advice and opted for a picture instead of a paragraph to create powerful messages for your organization? By choosing words over images are you creating an unintentional blind spot in your messaging? What can communicators – usually hired for our excellent writing skills – learn about using visuals?

    To answer these questions we recently held a webinar, Avoiding the Blind Spot: Telling Your Story With Pictures. During the webinar Liz Banse and Scott Miller of Resource Media shared the neuroscience behind image processing, strategies for effectively communicating using photos and video, examples of extraordinary visual storytelling and practical, low-cost tips for better visual communications.

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