• To Sell Or Tell?

    If you want to get people to take action you have to appeal to their emotions, and in particular, things they care about. In this video, Doug Hattaway, president and CEO of Hattaway Communications, discusses the difference between what he calls “functional communications” — the layering on of “who, what and when” kinds of details — vs. more powerful “aspirational communications” which engage people in issues and causes and get them to respond.

    During the course of his conversation with Communications Network contributor Susan Herr, Hattaway also describes some of the emerging scientific research that can be applied to developing emotionally appealing communications campaigns.

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  • Evidence Slide

    We Put PowerPoint On Trial

    Is PowerPoint guilty of numbing minds, wasting countless hours, and generally degrading communication in our sector (not to mention the wider world)? Or has an innocent software been unfairly accused simply because the people who use it don’t know how?

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  • Ekrause

    When Program Officers Wield Social Media Swords (VIDEO)

    More and more foundations are using social media to advance their goals. It’s rare, though, when these efforts fall to program staff to implement. Yet, at the Connecticut Health Foundation, that’s exactly the role Elizabeth Krause, senior program officer, is playing (with help from her communications colleagues) as she oversees an initiative to use social media to build public will to address racial and ethnic health care disparities in her state.

    During the course of her conversation with Communications Network contributor Susan Herr, Krause describes the initiative, as well as the challenges and opportunities it presents, and what the foundation hopes to accomplish.

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  • If a Research Report Falls In the Forest…

    One of the ways that foundations help advance social issues is to commission research. However, to fully take advantage of the opportunity that high-quality research has to offer — both to advance issues and demonstrate the foundation as a leader in topic areas — there are more effective ways to get attention than simply posting a report on a website or sending out press releases. In this conversation, Gabriela Fitz, Co-Director of IssueLab, and Communications Network Contributor Susan Herr, explore how to use new tools that can help foundations use social policy research to achieve actual societal impact.

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