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    Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization for Philanthropy (VIDEO)

    Chances are good that your organization is sitting on a pile of data. How do you take those vital nuggets of information hidden in files and trapped behind your four walls and shape them in ways that help advance your organization’s work or mission? How might you mash it up with other data to create new knowledge? And how can you bring all of this to life through data visualization?

    To provide answers to these questions, we recently held a webinar, Seeing is Believing: Data Visualization for Philanthropy (Replay available below.)

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    The Art and Science of Storytelling (VIDEO)

    As communications professionals, storytelling is what we do. We do it because it is one of the best ways to evoke an emotional connection to an abstract issue – to put a human face on the messages we convey. However, it’s how the story is framed that matters. Studies in neuroscience and psychology show that while stories can evoke a quick emotional response, carefully framed narratives that appeal to reason are also needed to inspire action.

    To help people understand this new research and learn more about how to use it in their communications practice we recently held a webinar, The Art and Science of Storytelling. (Replay available below.)

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    What Our New Mission Means for You (VIDEO)

    Guest Post: Rebecca Arno

    In her recent post about the survey results from last October’s Fall Conference, Minna Jung, our vice chair, mentioned that I was planning to share some additional insights about the Communications Network’s revised mission and strategy that we previewed in Seattle and subsequently discussed on our blog.

    Last week, I sat down with long-time Network contributor, Susan Herr, principal of Trigger Creative, to talk about our new mission.  Because of comments and questions we heard during and since Seattle, we decided to record two separate conversations.

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    Speaker Series: “The Science of Communication” Featuring Dan Kahan

    On November 2 at the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington, DC, the Communications Network and Spitfire Strategies kicked off our “Science of Communication” series — free lectures, webinars and webcasts designed to examine communications through a scientific lens – with a presentation by Dan Kahan, Professor of Law and Psychology at Yale University.

    As a member of Yale Law School’s Cultural Cognition Project, Professor Kahan examines how our cultural values shape our beliefs and perceptions of risk. The Project explores public disputes over science on a wide range of issues, from the HPV vaccine to gun control to emerging technologies. Kahan discussed why “scientific consensus” often doesn’t settle disputes around issues like climate change or the death penalty and what actually influences the decision-making process.

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    Are Grantees Using Foundations’ Social Media? (VIDEO)

    Social media is increasingly ubiquitous, but it can be hard to know what impact your efforts are having on your followers. With survey responses from more than 6,000 grantees about their experiences with one of 34 foundations, the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) set out to address a very basic question: Are grantees using their foundation funders’ social media?

    Only 16% of grantees surveyed report using social media created by funders or their staff.

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