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    WEBINAR: Make Your Writing More Inviting

    Communications professionals could very well be considered amateur novelists. Emails, memos, reports, social media posts, webinar invitations, the list of written materials we produce on a daily basis goes on.

    Given how integral our writing is to our work, it’s critical that our words don’t feel clunky, inarticulate, or bland, but instead inspire and inform.

    In this webinar, Ben Feller, former chief White House correspondent for The Associated Press, who applies the elements of his award-winning style to nonprofit and foundation communications.

    You’ll learn:

    • How to write clearly and concisely
    • Tips on how you can use your writing to engage with your audience
    • The keys to creating a consistent voice

    Length: 69 minutes

    You can contact Ben at bfeller@mercuryllc.com.

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    REPLAY: The Tipping Point — Engaging Your Influencers

    As Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his international bestseller The Tipping Point, little things can make a big difference. When it comes to engaging with your audience online, a handful of “influencers” can spread your message out to 85% of your entire audience.

    According to Gladwell, “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.”

    If you’ve ever played Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you know just how powerful and far-reaching social networks are (and also how prolific an actor Kevin Bacon has been).

    In this webinar, The Communications Network partners with Attentive.ly co-founder Cheryl Contee to teach you how to harness the reach of your influencers.

    You’ll learn:

    • What an influencer engagement strategy is, and why it matters 
    • How to identify, engage, and empower influential folks on social media to get them to talk about your work 
    • What success looks like

    Duration: 63 Minutes

    For more information, take a look at Attentive.ly’s guide to influencer engagement.

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    REPLAY: How to Be Good at Medium

    Medium has come to represent the best of new communications technology. It’s not just an online publishing tool — it’s a network of ideas, a place to engage in discussion. President Obama uses it regularly. Bono used it to lay out a plan for Africa, and Melinda Gates responded. The Heritage Foundation used it to publish their annual report.

    Medium is an ideas exchange, where thinkers, creators, and storytellers come to find their audience, move ideas, and move people. It allows your audience to respond, react, and build on your ideas. Increasingly, it’s a platform for influential people and organizations to publish, converse, and engage.

    Put shortly, publishing on Medium gets your message read, discussed, and spread. The best part? Anybody can be good at it.

    Medium’s own Gabe Kleinman joined us to interactively walk you through what it takes to be good at Medium.

    You’ll learn:

    • The basics of publishing
    • How to create engaging and successful posts
    • Tips on experimenting with different types of content

    Watch the replay below. If the video appears blurry to you, try watching here.

    Length: 56 minutes

    For more information, get in touch with Gabe at gabe@medium.com.

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    WEBINAR: Big Data

    Narratives shape how we perceive the world and have a profound impact on organizations seeking to to address pressing public issues. But how do you know which narratives define the discourse on a given topic? With people around the globe expressing narratives online and in unprecedented volumes, there are new opportunities to better understand and influence opinion — if you know how to filter the signal from the noise.

    Read More

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    REPLAY: Why Editorial Calendars Make Your Content Suck

    This replay is made available courtesy of the Ad Council

    In order to feed the insatiable content beast, many organizations use editorial calendars as the driver of their content planning like, “it’s National Pancake Day, let’s post!”

    Read More

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