• Www.nonprofitinclusiveness

    Denver Foundation Keeps Diversity Dialogue Rolling

    Communications staff charged with disseminating knowledge captured during foundation initiatives often face a daunting task: how do you package resources in user-friendly ways while still retaining the nuances that make it so valuable? Here’s one example of how The Denver Foundation, which has just been awarded the 2009 Critical Impact Award from the Council on Foundations, worked to achieve that balance.

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  • Best Online Communications Tools You’ve Never Heard Of

    At the Fall 2009 Communications Network Conference in New York City, members Brooke Bailey and Karen Malone Wright presented The Best Online Communications Tools You’ve Never Heard Of. As part of their presentation, Bailey and Wright assembled a helpful collection of online tools that they say “can make life much easier for communicators and also help grantees tell their stories more effectively.” 

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  • 5 Guardrail

    What’s Driving Your Social Media Policies?

    In a post on his blog, Mitch Hurst, communications consultant and Network board member, offers some thoughts about social media policies for foundations. Hurst says that these policies sometimes become “guardrails” that “exist partly to keep you from driving your career off a cliff.” Hurst believes a better approach to creating a “decent organizational social media policy is finding the right balance between minimizing risk and maximizing opportunity.”

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  • Screen Shot 2009 10 20 At 6

    Making Sure the Important Stories Get Told

    It seems that philanthropy abhors the absence of news outlets and news services as much as nature abhors vacuums. Increasingly, foundations are funding a range of nontraditional ventures to fill the growing gap caused by the shrinking number of newspapers or disappearing beat reporters who used to specialize in topics of national importance such as education and health. Examples range from the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Kaiser Health News, an independent news service that provides coverage of the policy and politics of health care to ProPublica, which specializes in traditional investigative reporting about issues of national importance such as tracking how the federal stimulus money is being spent, and which is primarily funded by the Sandler Foundation.

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  • M Jung21

    Not Just a Network, But THE Network

    Last week, I went to the Big Apple for the annual Communications Network Conference. My participation, as they say, was de rigeur, given that I’ve been a Board member for several years and have had some involvement in planning the program—but last week, I was struck by how much I’d want to be at the conference even if I didn’t have an official role. It’s gotten that good. Here are some of my biggest observations and take-aways from last week.

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