• What’s Better: Feeling Good Or Making A Good Point?

    In trying to get the word out — or be heard — there’s a line that you have to walk between being effective and being overly aggressive. If you cross that line, people will then focus more on how you are saying it rather than what you are saying.

    A good example of going too far — despite its success in boosting sales to teens — was Coca Cola’s “Buddies” ad. The company was forced to pull it off the air ahead of schedule after getting complaints that caused some Coke insiders to worry that it was damaging the drink maker’s “wholesale image.”  As the Wall Street Journal reported in 2004, the TV spot featured “two friends taking a break from a game of hoops. The first guy to the fridge gulps his Coke, then uses his friend’s can to cool off, pressing it to his forehead, neck and stomach before sticking it sideways in his armpit. When the friend arrives, he is handed the second Coke and starts swigging it with no clue where it had been.” 

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  • Interactive

    Interactive Maps Drive Home Health Care Issues

    When you want to explain a complex problem to someone, paint a picture. That’s what the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) does through the use of interactive maps and other kinds of graphical presentation of data to help explain the obesity epidemic, geographic variation in health care, public health preparedness and other pressing health and health care issues.

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  • Picture 34

    Foundations In Blogistan

    Guest Post: Mitch Hurst, vice president, Interactive Solutions, Scofield Company, in Chicago, and board member, Communications Network. This post originally appeared on his blog, With or Without You.

    Google “foundation blogs” and at the top of your search will turn up a blog post at Tactical Philanthropy circa April 2007 wondering why more foundations don’t have blogs. This hopefully has more to do with some crack search engine optimization at Tactical Philanthropy than it does with the state of the foundation blogosphere  circa July 2009.

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  • TwoHearts

    Here’s a Question I Can’t Wait to Answer (Nor Should You)

    A lot of the work we do in the Communications Network often involves talking with other communications professionals at foundations and nonprofits about how to use communications well.

    Every once in a while, though, I’m reminded – usually via a question from a foundation colleague – that another important audience for our messages are people who hold program positions. The question I usually hear is “What can I tell my program colleagues about why they should care about communications?”

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    Have Something to Say? Tweet About It

    Guest Post: Buffy Beaudoin-Schwartz, Communications Director, Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers

    Like many in the foundation world, we are constantly trying to ensure that we are up on the “latest” technology.  This, of course, means that we are spending time trying to learn what the “latest” is … and determine the cost, ease of use, and most importantly, the value it brings to our daily efforts to  connect work with mission.

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