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    The Nonprofit Communicator’s Guide to Paid Social Distribution

    By Ory Rinat


    • Organizations create vast amounts of content, but often put far less effort into distributing that content. Paid social media promotion is a smart and effective way of helping your content reach its intended audience.
    • LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook each present unique benefits that are particular to the situation your organization finds itself in with a given piece of content. Whether it’s driving a conversation, reaching influentials, or providing traffic, each channel can help you in a different way.

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    WEBINAR: What Makes Your Audience Tick?

    Effective communication begins with understanding your audience. But the term “audience” can be misleading when it suggests a monolithic group of people who see things the same way — that’s rarely the case. Most audiences are comprised of people with diverse attitudes, interests, and motivations.

    Communication can’t be one-size-fits-all.

    Motivational Profiles can help you create strategies and content tailored to appeal to people according to their hopes and values, personality types, communication styles, and other attributes.

    In this webinar, the team at Hattaway Communications will share three examples of audience profiles used by foundations and nonprofits to understand and engage different audiences in meaningful ways:

    • Millennial Profiles, designed to motivate young people with different motivations and personality types to take action to promote gender equality
    • Decisionmaker Profiles, segmenting an audience based on different mindsets about taking action to advance diversity in philanthropy
    • Grantee and Influencer Profiles, used by a foundation to design programs and communications strategies based on an in-depth understanding of grantees’ theories of change

    DATE: Wednesday, March 11, 2015
    TIME: 2-3 PM EDT

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    “More is not always better.” Global Voices on Targeting and Tracking an Audience


    • Amplify your reach by using social media to engage with influentials on the subjects you work on.
    • Online relationships with communities can be strengthened through convenings. Take advantage of opportunities to host meetups, events, and conferences to reinforce virtual ties.
    • When using metrics to track impact, more is not always better. It’s important to have a goal in mind and use metrics that are specifically related to what you want to achieve. Also, look to more interactive metrics, such as shares, rather than views.

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    PJ Crowley’s Advice: Use Social Media to Set Your Own Agenda


    • Use social media to set your own agenda. If your organization has difficulty setting a narrative, turn to social media to get drive engagement on the issues you and your audience care about.
    • To move big ideas, present them in ways that your audience can connect with, appreciate, and ultimately support. How does your idea impact someone? Answering that question will help turn an idea into a narrative.
    • Building a constituency is impossible without communication. To maximize the reach of an idea, use the tools that are readily available at your organization to garner support and broaden impact. The barriers to entry to the communications space are smaller than ever.

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    A Communicator in the Room: In Conversation PJ Crowley


    • Although the imperative to communicate exists for many organizations, a culture of communication can be lacking. To improve, find the balance between the need and the desire to communicate.
    • Communicators always deserve a seat at the table when big decisions are made. To prevent problems from becoming crises, a communicator should be present in day-to-day decisions, so that they have the background information necessary to mitigate a crisis.
    • Trust that your organization has a receptive audience, and use communication tools to further your mission.

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