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    Plenty of Choices. Plenty of Time

    When we launched voting last week to pick the 12 sessions that will make it on to the agenda for our New Orleans conference, we knew it wouldn’t be easy for you to make your picks from the 66 proposals.

    That said, none of us at the Communications Network realized it would be so tough.  Sorry about that

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    A Good Time to Ask Questions

    Are we finally getting serious and asking important questions about the role social media (or media in any form) can play in helping foundations achieve their goals?  Signs seem to be pointing that way.

    For instance, last week, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) held a day-long conference focused on how foundations can determine if social media is moving their work forward.  Over the course of large group and small group discussions and presentations, the questions that kept communications professionals and evaluators engaged were “what do we measure and what will success look like from using social media?”

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    IssueLab Helps Audiences Stay Current On Latest Foundation and Nonprofit Research

    Pop Quiz: If you wanted to find the latest published research on arts and culture, immigration reform, health care children and youth – or any other of the many program areas in which foundations and their grantees work – where would go?

    Before you answer that – here’s a bonus question: If you had research on those – and other topics – where would you turn for help in getting this knowledge into the hands of people who need to see it?

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    This Is Not An Annual Report

    At first glance you might mistake the James Irvine Foundation’s 2011 Performance Report as just another annual report.  But don’t be fooled.  According to Daniel Silverman, the foundation’s director of communications, it’s more than that. “While it includes many of the features of a traditional foundation annual report, our aim with this publication is to go beyond that approach and give you a deeper look at the Foundation’s progress toward its long-term goals.”

    The Irvine report, which this year is available in a new online format, “is based on the Annual Performance Report that we make each year to Irvine’s Board of Directors as a way to measure our impact and hold ourselves accountable,” says Silverman.  “It examines the progress we’re seeing in our core grantmaking programs, as well as other areas that we believe contribute to our impact as an institution. If you’re interested in reading this longer, more detailed document, it is available on our website.”

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    We’re Talking. Who’s Listening?

    (A version of this post also appears on The Center For Effective Philanthropy Blog.)

    In a perfect world, our ideal audiences would read every one of our tweets, consume every blog post and make sure not a day goes by without checking Facebook for our latest updates.

    But we know it’s not a perfect world, and for proof we have the results of a Center for Effective Philanthropy survey that examined grantees’ engagement with foundations’ social media. For any tweeting, blogging, or Facebook-using foundation that presumes their grantees are paying routine attention to what they’re writing, posting and featuring through social media channels, this study may surprise, but I don’t think it should disappoint.

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