Sink or Swim: Part 2, Learning to Float (Video)

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In this replay of a recent–and lively–Communications Network webinar, Sink or Swim: Part 2, communications gurus Minna Jung, Communications Director at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and Kristen Grimm, Founder and President of Spitfire Strategies demystify what it’s like to be a nonprofit or foundation communicator.

As a follow-up to the first Sink or Swim Webinar held in June 2012 Minna and Kristen offer guidance that can help people still learning the ropes understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing communicators in foundations and nonprofits.

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Kristen Grimm

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Minna Jung

Among topics covered: where to focus time and resources to be as effective as possible; the difference between strategies and tactics; and how to cultivate an organizational culture that makes communications as a priority.

Whether you are new to the nonprofit world, or simply want to refresh your approach at the start of the new year, check out this smart webinar to help bolster your strategic communications.

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  1. Deena LeventerDeena Leventer01-27-2014

    Minna & Kristen,
    Thanks for this webinar which contains valuable wisdom – not only for beginners.
    Getting everyone on board is an ongoing challenge.
    Looking forward to Part 3.

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