Stop Guest Blog Crime, Now!


Are you unknowingly perpetrating guest blog crime? Do you let your guest contributors rob your audiences of their valuable time and attention by victimizing them with inscrutable or long-winded content?

In this installment of Zero to Ninety, Jenn Whinnem (@thejenn), communications officer, Connecticut Health Foundation, offers some simple suggestions to prevent guest blog offenses.

Take a look at Whinnem’s dark, but light-hearted video on a topic that’s no laughing matter. Then let us know if you liked it.


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  1. Daniel SilvermanDaniel Silverman12-26-2013

    Nice work, Jenn! I love the background music, the video cuts, but most of all the content. Excellent advice!

    • Jenn WhinnemJenn Whinnem12-26-2013

      Thanks Daniel! I had so much fun making this. Since we’ve done these videos, it feels like we’re in Club Zero to Ninety. It’s exclusive and elite.

      Also, Susan and Bruce were fearless in editing my video script. Kudos.

  2. Kudos for for showing it’s possible to say something important in 90 seconds or less!

  3. Jayme SoulatiJayme Soulati12-28-2013

    OMGosh. That was hilarious and what a grand detective you make, Jenn! P.S. LOVE the #RockHot expressiveness of your face when it’s doing serious. Dang, I could never pull that off without looking like an old hag. That was so cool.

    • Jenn WhinnemJenn Whinnem12-30-2013

      Let’s just say that film noir is very forgiving. I’m so glad you laughed. I laughed in between filming clips.

  4. RalphRalph12-28-2013

    Hilarious (but informative).
    I haven’t touched base in a long while. good to see you’re still going strong. Cheers!

  5. Michelle QuillinMichelle Quillin12-28-2013

    Now THAT was a video worth watching! Thanks, Jenn, for not only making it fun, but filling it with great content, too. (And you make a great detective.)

    • Jenn WhinnemJenn Whinnem12-30-2013

      I always wanted to be Nancy Drew. My heart swells with pride.

  6. Heang TanHeang Tan02-07-2014

    Love the dramatics. Esp the eyes. This helped me with editing for sure.

    • Jenn WhinnemJenn Whinnem02-13-2014

      Sometimes you don’t know you have an eyebrow problem until you make a PSA. But that’s the first step to getting help. #TheMoreYouKnow

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