What Our New Mission Means for You (VIDEO)


Guest Post: Rebecca Arno

In her recent post about the survey results from last October’s Fall Conference, Minna Jung, our vice chair, mentioned that I was planning to share some additional insights about the Communications Network’s revised mission and strategy that we previewed in Seattle and subsequently discussed on our blog.

Last week, I sat down with long-time Network contributor, Susan Herr, principal of Trigger Creative, to talk about our new mission.  Because of comments and questions we heard during and since Seattle, we decided to record two separate conversations.

The first video of our conversation (below) is an overview of the mission, its supporting strategies and what we hope this work will achieve.

In the second interview, Susan and I discussed what led the Network board to decide to focus our future work on supporting foundations and nonprofits to use communications to help improve lives.

I hope you’ll agree that we made a wise choice in deciding on a two-track approach. First, we will continue to do what we already do well: provide useful tools, create connections and advance the conversation about why communications needs to be a key element of effective philanthropy.  Second, we will step up efforts to bring others within foundations – program staff, evaluators and leadership – into conversations about the important role of communications. At the same time we will explore ways to bring the most forward-thinking nonprofits into the mix – as Network members, as advisors, as contributors to our programming and as champions, along with the rest of us, for the power of smart communications to improve lives.

Please let us know what you think by leaving comments. If you’d rather share your thoughts with me directly, please email me at rarno@denverfoundation.org.

Rebecca Arno, Vice president of Communications, The Denver Foundation and Chair, Communications Network


  1. Jenn WhinnemJenn Whinnem12-26-2012

    I’m glad I had to wait until the end of the holiday hoopla to watch these, because it’s so calm here I was able to give this my full attention.

    I really appreciate how the Network continues to bring along its members in understanding the revised mission and strategy.

    I’m also glad to hear that I’m not the only one who appreciates the Network most for its collegial encouragement! With this in mind, you can imagine that the part that really spoke to me was getting “more great ideas in the room.” Well, I’m all for that, that’s the best part of the Network. Bring ‘em in! I’m continually inspired by my peers and welcome more inspiration. There we go, we have a theme for 2013: the Year of Inspiration.

  2. We appreciate the comments, Jenn, and especially the value you find — and I suspect others as well — from the helpful guidance and advice Network members have to offer. That kind of sharing has been the hallmark of the Network and will continue as such.

    Thanks again.
    Bruce Trachtenberg

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