Courtney Williamson Named Communications Network’s Community Manager

We’re pleased to announce that Courtney Williamson has joined the Communications Network as our new Community Manager.

The addition of Williamson to the Network is one element of a strategic plan we’re beginning to roll out — a plan you’ll hear more about later, and especially if you attend our Fall 2012 Conference in Seattle. The short version is that in coming years, we aim through our work — and with the help of everyone in the Network — to increase the number of foundations and nonprofits that use the power of smart communication to help improve lives. Williamson’s responsibilities include developing programs, both on- and off-line, designed to create more member-to-member connections, and promoting a lively and ongoing exchange of information about effective communications strategies and practices.

Williamson is ideally suited for this role. A firm believer in the positive political, social and literary power of social media, she has been dabbling in the art of online communication for more than a decade. During her “mash-up” of a career she’s worked as community relations liaison to soldiers and their families, written advertising copy for a newspaper in Australia, taught literature at independent schools, managed dormitories full of teenagers, and written for literary and news journals both online and in print.

For her complete bio, click here.

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