Just Seeing Is Not the Same As Engagement (VIDEO)


Guest Post: Susan Herr, PhilanthroMedia

One of the things that those of us who use social media most appreciate is its capacity to track how people are engaging with ideas and causes we are advancing.  But according to Lisa Witter, Chief Change Officer at Fenton, engaging with content goes beyond just seeing something that’s been posted or published online.

As Lisa makes clear in this brief video, engagement only starts after someone sees what we have to say. What do they do next? Do they share it?  Do they comment on it?  Do they respond to a call to action? In other words, how far do they climb up the engagement ladder?

Our job as communicators is to set clear goals and to track the steps our audiences take toward them, continually refining what works.  Watch the video for an overview about what to measure, how and when.

Susan Herr, a regular Communications Network contributor, is president of PhilanthroMedia.

For more on this topic, check out Fenton’s guide, “See, Say, Feel, Do: Social Media Metrics That Matter.”

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