Why Bad Video Happens to Good Causes (VIDEO)


Video is everywhere. Collectively, we upload 48 hours of video to YouTube every minute. Nonprofits and foundations upload hours of video to their websites, Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. It seems like every good cause in the world is either using video or panicking because they haven’t started yet and feel like they’re falling behind.

But simply posting video on your site doesn’t guarantee anyone will watch it. We’re exposed to so much video every day that viewers no longer have the time or patience for the bad stuff. If your video’s not good, your audience turns away, and all the time and money you spent shooting and promoting it is gone. Sometimes in just seconds.

During a recent Communications Network webinar, host Andy Goodman, spoke with Steve Stockman, author of “How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck.” Stockman presented 10 critical elements of video production that you can begin applying to your organization’s video today.

As Stockman explains, it all comes down to re-thinking your approach to video, the audience who will watch it, and how you can produce video that actually gets watched.

Click below to watch a replay of the webinar:

(During the webinar, Stockman cites several videos worth watching — to learn what works and doesn’t. The list of videos and links are below).


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  1. Jenn WhinnemJenn Whinnem04-30-2012

    This was a great presentation, and you gave me some ideas for how I can take the video blogs that I shoot to the next level.

    Thank you!


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