Here’s What They Took Away From Our Fall 2010 Conference — And What You Can Too


We have another batch of videos to share from our LA 2010 Fall Conference. For those of you who were there, this collection will be a helpful reminder of the issues for communicators our first two speakers — James Surowiecki and Steve Lopez — raised during their presentations about crowdsourcing and the power of storytelling. For the rest of you, it’ll be a way to listen in on what was said and how you, too, can benefit from some of takeaways.

Each of the people listed below, and who are featured in the videos, describe what struck them as the most important from what they heard and how they hope to apply what they learned to their work.

You can click here to see the list of videos currently available for viewing or you can click the links below to starting watching them.

Vicki Rosenberg, Council of Michigan Foundations, on the wisdom crowds can offer foundations.

Daniel Silverman, James Irvine Foundation, on the challenges of crowdsourcing.

Suzana Grego, Firelight Foundation, on putting stories to work.

Mary Lou Fulton, The California Endowment, on themes that emerged during the breakout that followed James Surowiecki’s talk.

Doug Root, The Heinz Endowments, on how to communicators can help their foundations make use of diverse ideas for problem-solving.

In the spirit of the Network’s “Don’t Go It Alone” mantra, we hope you’ll take the time to offer comments after viewing the videos or ask questions about what you saw and heard.

We went to Los Angeles with the promse that what happened there shouldn’t stay there. So to live up to that, we need to keep that conversation going…and going…and going…and going.

–Bruce Trachtenberg

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